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The Society’s textile collection includes clothing dating back to colonial times, military uniforms, hats and bonnets, and numerous quilts. The Society also has a very large collection of New Jersey samplers.

Sinnickson Inaugural Ball Dress


Sarah Hancock Sinnickson was the daughter of Judge William Hancock who was killed in the Hancock’s Bridge massacre on March 21, 1778. She was married to Captain Thomas Sinnickson of the Salem County Militia and endured a great deal of fear and uncertainty during the British occupation. Her house was occupied by British officers, and her husband was named by British Commander Colonel Charles Mawhood on a list of militia officers whose property was subject to destruction if they failed to lay down their arms. Her property and husband survived the war, and both attended the first inaugural ball of George Washington. This is the dress she wore. It is made of English silk and lace.

Mary Hall Sampler


This rare map sampler was made in Salem, New Jersey by Mary H. Hall in 1828. Encircled in the floral wreath, she stitched “A CORRECT MAP of the UNITED STATES by MARY H HALL Salem new Jersey 1828.” The map covers the entire eastern United States as far west as Texas and as far north as the Great Lakes. It includes significant attention to detail including: the states are outlined and named, cities are identified, and major rivers are indicated. Map samplers demonstrate that school lessons for girls included not only sewing, but also geography.


This map sampler was on display at the Museum of the American Revolution from 2020-2021 for their exhibit When Women Lost the Vote.

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