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Fine Art

The Society’s fine art collection includes works of art by local artists as well as portraits and depictions of Salem County people and places. The collection is made up of paintings and drawings, as well as some examples of sculpture.


Be sure to check out our exhibit, Step Into Our Canvas: 200 Years of Salem County Art!

Salem, Edward Trenchard, 1790


 Edward Trenchard’s watercolor view of Salem from approximately 1790 is the earliest painting in the Historical Society’s collection. It depicts a scene in the garden of Thomas Sinickson. The figures include Commander Trenchard (the artist) talking to hostess Sarah Hancock Sinnickson, Mary Sinnickson hanging her bonnet, and Rebecca Trenchard with a cup of tea. In the background one can see the court house, Friends Meeting, and Mrs. Burrough’s Mansion.

Ivy Point, William Patterson, 19th century


This painting by William Patterson shows Ivy Point in Salem. Ivy Point was the home of John Fenwick, who arrived in the New World in 1675 and founded Fenwick's Colony. Fenwick's Colony would later become what is now Salem, New Jersey. The Society is proud to have various works of art that illustrate buildings and locations across Salem throughout history. 

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