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About SCHS

On July 31, 1884, a number of gentlemen met in the Library Hall of the Salem Library company for the purpose of talking over the expediency of forming a Historical Society in the County.  William Patterson was chosen Chairman and George Mecum, Secretary.  It was resolved to form a Society in Salem County for the care of items of historical interest and of natural curiosities.  It was agreed that notice of another meeting be held on August 8, 1884 in the Salem Library Hall for all those interested in these subjects.  On November 11, 1884 the Constitution and By-Laws for the government of the Society were adopted.  The first regular meeting of the Salem County Historical Society took place on January 27, 1885 in Library Hall, but the Society did not have its own physical headquarters until the 1920s. It is noted in the March 29, 1929 report that the property at 81-83 Market Street was willed to the Society by Miss Helena Hubbell and was to be kept for historical uses.  In 1930 the dedication of the Alexander Grant House and the unveiling of the tablet in grateful memory of Helena Hubbell, the donor, took place. Today the Society’s main complex consists of four interconnected historic buildings dating form c.1700 to c.1800, the center-piece of which is the Alexander Grant’s Mansion House (1721) and the Josephine Jaquett Memorial Library. Four other buildings comprise the premises, including the Stone Barn, the John Jones Law Office (a hexagonal Structure housing New Jersey’s first law office), the Log Cabin Educational Center and our Victorian Bath House.

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