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Use of Premises

The collections of the Salem County Historical Society are an important and valuable resource for the study of local history. We strive to grant the public reasonable access to the collections on a nondiscriminatory basis. At the same time, the library assumes as a primary responsibility the safeguarding of its materials, and therefore may regulate access to them. As of this time, there are no restrictions on photography in the Society's museum exhibit spaces.


Photography in the Society's Research Library, in any form, is NOT permitted without first obtaining permission from the Librarian.


Our fee structure for regular photography is as follows:

$5.00 a day flat fee for nonmembers

$3.00 a day flat fee for members

Photocopy, Image Reproduction, and Publishing

While some library materials may be photocopied or digitally reproduced, others cannot, either because of potential for damage or some other restriction, such as copyright infringement. Items will be photocopied only according to “fair use” provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code).


  • Copies of a limited number of pages from manuscripts, archival materials, or printed materials may be made for private study, scholarship, or research use only.

  • For any documents or images still under copyright and the copyright is not held by the Salem County Historical Society [SCHS], the requestor must seek permission from the creator of the work or current copyright holder.

  • The library assumes no responsibility for any literary property right or copyright which may be involved; it is entirely incumbent upon the reader to obtain these special permissions.

  • Patrons may not make photocopies of materials using the Society’s photocopy machine unless they are given permission by the librarian.  Archival materials may require the assistance of the librarian; in some cases photocopies may not be permitted for fragile materials. 

  • Photocopies and computer print-offs are subject to a predetermined fee structure.

  • Requests for digital reproductions are subject to fee structures for non-commercial and commercial use. 

  • Non-commercial use is defined as any image used by a non-profit organization or as part of any not-for-profit scholarly enterprise, especially for educational purposes and/or cultural enhancement; or for personal study or reference.

  • Commercial use is defined as any image used by a for-profit enterprise, or in any profit-making venture, for the purposes of creating, illustrating, advertising, marketing, or commemorating a product.

  • Reproduced images may not be altered in any matter without the written consent of SCHS.

  • SCHS reserves the right to limit use of images in a manner that SCHS deems to be detrimental to SCHS or the donor of the material.

  • Written permission must be granted prior to publication for any image from the SCHS collections. 

  • When images are published, SCHS must be acknowledged as the source.  The credit line must read “Collection of the Salem County (NJ) Historical Society” and must appear on the same page.


Library Policies

The library assumes as a primary responsibility the safeguarding of its materials, and therefore may regulate access to them.  We strive to grant the public reasonable access to the collections on a nondiscriminatory basis.​​

  • No smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted in the library during research hours.

  • Coats must be placed on the coat rack. Umbrellas should be left in the vestibule.

  • Briefcases, totebags, and large handbags are permitted in the library during research hours, but should be placed either on the floor or in a chair next to you.

  • The use of laptop computers is permitted and Wi-Fi is available upon request.

  • The Society does not assume responsibility for any items brought into the library.

  • Defacing, marking or writing in any research materials in any way is not permitted. Extreme care should be taken in handling materials. Please report any damage to staff.

  • The use of ink pens is NOT permitted at the reading room table.

  • The use of nitrile gloves may be required to handle certain collection items which are extremely fragile.

  • Materials not in the reading room must be requested and retrieved by library staff. Only ONE FILE per patron at a time will be allowed.

  • Please leave materials on the table when you are through. Do not re-shelve materials.

  • Library patrons shall conduct themselves in a manner which will not unreasonably disturb other users of the library.

Services Use Policy, Photography, and Privacy Policy(s)

With some of the programs and services we offer, Salem County Historical Society will photograph the event, its participants and staff. The Salem County Historical Society reserves full rights to use these photographs, names, or likeness of the participants, employees, or other individuals included in this photography. To use our web site, register for our programs or services, you agree to our use of this photography and information.

If you are included in a photograph on this site and wish to be removed, please use the information displayed below to request removal.

Any articles, information, text, content, personal information, or other forms of information either submitted via the web site, or obtained at our location become the sole property of Salem County Historical Society, and the society cannot accept nor will accept absolutely no liability for claims of copyright infringement on portraits, photos, negatives or any other forms of information obtained. Visitor, participant, parents of participant, staff or other individuals or groups agree to indemnify and defend legally and financially, the Salem County Historical Society, in any event the infringement is assumed, or justified.

All photographs or information obtained from or published on this website are the exclusive property of Salem County Historical Society, and are protected by copyright. Certain Icons, and images are free for public use found via free public libraries. No use of Photography or Content on this entire site is authorized without written permission from the respective content owner. © All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: Except when specified in writing, there are no warranties or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied given by Salem County Historical Society, or its management, employees, consultants, or any other individual or group, for the use of content on this site by a third party.

Although the Salem County Historical Society makes every attempt to provide accurate information on this website, the Salem County Historical Society assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information, and maintains the right to change, alter or delete information as necessary.

Any feedback you provide at this website shall be deemed confidential to the Salem County Historical Society. The Society may use this information to provide dedicated programs or services. And will not give personal private information to any third party. The Salem County Historical Society maintains the right to use collected personal information for marketing or any other purposes.

The above conditions apply to all visits to the Salem County Historical Society website, both now and in the future.

All names and brands referred to in this website are the property of their respective owners.

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