Salem County: The Cradle of American Glass

Our newest exhibit was completed in December of 2020, and features the history of the glass industry in Salem County. In 1738, Salem County became home to the first successful glass factory in North America, leading to a 300-year tradition of South Jersey glass making. By 1880, the local industry employed over 24,000 people and produced products for buyers across the globe. Our exhibit details the history of the industry, it’s relation to our larger national history, and exhibits several locally made glass items, tools, and other historic materials.

 Hidden History: Unique and Rare Stories of Salem County

Completed in December of 2019, this exhibit includes items from the Museum’s collection that have either never been displayed to the public or have not been on display for decades! Some featured themes include a one-of-a-kind crazy quilt, rare and unusual weapons, Salem County items that went to the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, false teeth made from Cape May diamonds invented by a Salem dentist, and more!


In addition, an entire adjacent exhibit is now dedicated the Salem Oak.