Large Objects 

The Society is home to several large objects including carriages and sleighs as well as other large machinery. These objects serve as prime examples of how technology and transportation have progressed over time.

Glass Hearse

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A unique large object in the collection is a black, horse-drawn hearse with glass siding.

Dating to approximately the mid-19th century, the hearse belonged to Enoch Mulford. Mulford was a cabinet maker and the undertaker of Greenwich. After Mulford’s death in 1867, his son, James, succeeded his father and inherited the hearse. The last time the hearse was used was in August of 1894. The Society also has the cooling board that Enoch Mulford used to preserve bodies before burial.

Horse Treadmill

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In the Society’s large object collection, there is a 19th century two-horse powered treadmill. This would have been used for threshing. It is a fine example of how technology has changed over time, and it shows how animal power, specifically horse power, was used and made more efficient.