Library Collections


Our books cover local history topics, published family genealogies, and other subjects pertaining to our county.

Primary Documents

We are fortunate to have many original documents in our collection, including deeds, maps, wills, ledgers, and other manuscripts.


The Society collects information on numerous local topics and compiles them into subject files, family files, house files, marriage and death records, cemetery records, church records, obituaries, etc. 

Newspapers & Microfilm

The Society owns a microfilm reader and maintains several microfilmed newspaper colections, including:

West Jersey Gazette (1817-1819)                        

Salem Messenger (1819-1834)

Weekly Visitor (1834)         

The Union or American Statesman (1834-1836)   

Freeman’s Banner (1834-1841)

National Standard (1844-904)                               

South Jerseyman (1881-1904)                                    

Salem Standard & Jerseyman (1905-1919; 1920-1956; 1957-1972)     

Salem Sunbeam (1848-1972)

Today’s Sunbeam (1972-2010)

Elmer Times (1881-1987)                

The Monitor (1871-1892)

Woodstown Monitor-Register (1889-1946)

The Monitor Register (1946-1972)

Pennsgrove Record (1882-1960)

Pennsville Progress (1959-1972)


The Society has numerous photographs of people and places related to Salem County. 

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